Bitte beachten Sie, daß wir ab 14.09.2016 nur noch an unserem neuen Firmenstandort Reutersbrunnenstraße 27, 90429 Nürnberg anzutreffen sind.
Please note that, on September 14, we move to our new company address Reutersbrunnenstrasse 27, 90429 Nuernberg.

About Signaltec

2003 Established as engineering office and sales company for energy applications.
2003 Start as ecclusive sales partner for the DANFYSIK precision current transducers for T & M applications in Europe.
2006 First development MCTS Multi Channel Transducer System.
2007 Design of the first power test system together with ECKART Anlagenbau.
2008 Development of HF-shunts for impulse current analysis.
2009 Common SIGNALTEC / ECKART-development of the high power source „Artificial Mains“.
2010 Acquisition of DANFYSIK ACP through LEM. SIGNALTEC stays partner for the high precision transducers.
2011 New partnership with AKL cal lab