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Our videos will give you a first impression of our products.


IN 1000-S at 1000 A DC

Two high precision current transducers IN 1000-S connected to two digital multi meters of highest accuracy (FLUKE 8558A, 8.5 digit). The primary current (from a TDK source) is increased from 100 A to 1000 A DC. We cannot guarantee that the transducers are this precise, since we are not an accredited calibration lab, but normally, if two independent instruments show the same result, it is very probably right.


IN 2000-S at 2000 A AC

Two highly accurate current transducers IN 2000-S connected to two independent current input terminals of a very precise power analyzer (YOKOGAWA WT5000). The primary current (from a CHROMA AC source with AC transformer) is changed from 0 to 2000 A AC rms.


IN 1000-S with EtherCAT current converter

The primary current is measured with two IN 1000-S current sensors of highest accuracy. The current output of the first transducer is measured with an 8.5 digit digital multimeter (FLUKE 8558A). The second IN 1000-S is connected to the ECC (EtherCAT current converter) which converts the transducer output current into a digital EtherCAT protocol. This video does not prove the high accuracy of the ECC system since the update rates (averaging periods) of ECC and FLUKE are extremely different. Different averaging intervals at an unstable primary current must result in a deviation between both systems.