ECC – TherCAT® Current Converter

The ECC – EtherCATⓇ Current Converter – transmits the analogue output current from the high precision IN-, IT- and ITN-transducers to the EtherCATⓇ environment.

EtherCAT current converter test between 1 A and 500 A. ECC with connected CT 500 transducer (on PC monitor) tested against high precision current reference, a 8.5 digit multimeter with another CT 500 sensor, scaling 750 : 1.

Powerlens Current and Voltage Converter

The Powerlens Current and Voltage Converter transmits the output current from a high precision CT- or IN-sensor and the connected voltage signal to the EtherCAT® environment or a CAN bus.

Powerlens with CT 1000 current transducer tested between 1 A and 1000 A and 1 V and 1000 V.
Voltage reference: Upper 8.5 digit multimeter.
Current reference: Lower 8.5 digit multimeter with second CT 1000 high precision transducer, scaling 1500 : 1.